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I love recommendation lists so let's recommend some neat shows and music that have consumed my life as of late! I've been humming and hawing about the media that really stood out to me in the month of August. I only want to put the things that really resonated with me on these lists, otherwise I will go on forever. Also, I didn't really read as much as I would have liked (still haven't found a good bookstore yet where I moved) but hopefully that will change now that fall is in the air and the weather is getting cozy!


Fleabag (Seasons 1 & 2)

I'll be the first to admit that I don't watch a lot of new TV shows. I like sticking to shows that are comforting to me and that I know well enough that I can just put on in the background and work away to. I'm highly sensitive when it comes to TV and movies, so intense anticipation and conflict during the plot of a show makes me very anxious. Unless it's a silly show like Riverdale or Vampire Diaries and I can just scoff the whole time.

But wow. Did Fleabag ever leve me speechless. I didn't think that I would like it as much as I did but without a doubt it is easily a top 10 favourites of all time for me. I was captivated instantly and blew through the series in a week (12 episodes total) The cheeky and subtle comedy throughout the show is incredible and the overall story was translated quite well from the stage play that Phoebe Waller-Bridge did in the West End in 2019.

At first Fleabag looks like it's about a quirky, awkward woman that owns a cafe and is looking for the right kind of love. But as you watch it, it blossoms into this intense tale that deals with the complexity of love through sex, loss, strained family relationships and self-acceptance. The ending literally had me thinking about it for weeks afterwards. Such an amazing show!

Watch on: Prime Video


Petals for Armor (2020)

At first I was unsure about Hayley Williams solo album because 75% of the time I find that solo albums really miss the mark in resonating with audiences to make an album that really works. I was so happy to be wrong about this one.

The whole album reflects on trauma, growth and being vulnerable in a world that is constantly changing and feeling lost within it. The emotions through each song are intense and personal and paint incredible imagery. I know that the reviews for it were varying, but I think that Petals for Armor should be looked at as more of a creation for the sake of creating, healing and moving forward. Pitchfork released an interview with Hayley where she breaks down each song off of the album. I recommend checking this out if you plan on listening to it, in order to get a more in depth perspective on the meaning behind this album.

If you're a Paramore fan, separate yourself from Paramore and listen to it with completely different expectations. If you compare this record to past releases, you will miss the point of this solo-debut completely.

Check out these songs: Simmer, Dead Horse and Pure Love

RTJ4 (2020)

The fourth Run the Jewels album is not only an incredibly put together album, but it speaks heavily on racism behind the police state and the wrongful persecution and deaths of Black Americans. If you're a human living in 2020 right now (and not ignorant jerk) you know fully well that we are living during a massive civil rights movement and a pivotal societal shift.

RTJ4, is a no-fucks-given album that through Killer Mike's and El-P's classic, sharp, witty lyricism, reflects on serious issues that need to be heard. In comparison to their last albums which are more tongue-in-cheek, this is much heavier, but it's definitely worth the listen.

Check out these songs: walking in the snow, out of sight and ooh la la


That's it for August's recommendations! I didn't really consume a lot of stuff that really stood out to me this month, but hopefully September will be a bigger list, I'll shoot for at least 5 next time!

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