I've recently been inspired to start doing a monthly "On the Go" list (name pending) that shares and documents all the fun content I consume within the month! I really enjoy reading and seeing posts where other people divulge and share their favourite monthly things so why not add to that pile!

So....LET'S GO!


TERRACE HOUSE TOKYO: 2019-2020 (Part 1)

So happy that Terrace House is back on Netflix! I'll admit that I let Opening New Doors fall to the wayside, but so far I am really enjoying this new season back in Tokyo! It has definitely hit the ground running too with a lot of drama right off the bat (ugh, I loooove it) and to be honest, I wasn't expecting it! I've noticed that sometimes the first few episodes of Terrace House run a bit slow until the housemates start getting used to each other. But right from the get-go this season does not disappoint. I mean, nothing will ever top the omurice incident, but there have definitely been a few moments and interactions in these first few episodes that have left me so excited for more!

DEMON SLAYER (Currently on episode 4)

Not going to lie, the first few episodes were a little rough for me (I'm not a fan of gore because I'm a wee bab) but after I got into it a bit more and saw all the heartfelt mushy gushy moments, I was sold. Initially when I heard about this series, I fell in love with the animation and stylized features of the characters (specifically the eyes and facial features) and knew I had to look into it. So happy that I did! This anime is amazing.



I've never been much of a DC kinda gal, all my youth I usually stuck to reading Marvel because of it's "lighter" plot lines and characters. But after playing through the Batman: Arkham Trilogy with my partner (and actually liking it) he recommended that I give the comics a shot and start with The Court of Owls. I gotta say, this comic is great for Batman beginners, it introduces just enough lore behind Bruce Wayne's life and Gotham's history that you feel well adjusted to the world without any lengthly explanations. It also focuses on Batman being a detective and not some random rich guy running around through the streets with a "I need a therapist, but punching is free." mentality. Which I really liked! Plus it still had all the gritty dark details that I expected from a DC comic.

THE LAST WISH (Currently on page 134)

I've been working away on The Last Wish for a little while now, I think I found it in a thrift store for 50 cents back in May....BUT in anticipation for the Witcher coming out on Netflix, I've been reading more fervently and getting pretty pumped to read through the rest of the series. I'm really enjoying the world and the characters, and even though I'm familiar with the Witcher via good ol' video games, reading this book feels like I'm being reintroduced into the world again from a more in depth and unseen angle. And honestly, who wouldn't like a high fantasy novel with monsters, magic and Geralt of Rivia being a badass. No one. That's who.



*grabs a megaphone* EVERY CREATIVE PERSON NEEDS TO LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST! If you are feeling down and out about your creative voice or unmotivated to reach your goals, boy howdy, then this is for you. I find that Andy's topics of discussion and his interviews never fails to connect with what I am going through creatively, it's like going to an encouraging little TED Talk each week. As a designer, I find that we are always programmed to think within a certain set of rules when it comes to creativity. After a while that starts to get stagnant and leads to burnout. Breaking out of that cycle is so important and this podcast really helps nurture that side of creativity you may have forgotten about.

CUZ I LOVE U, Lizzo (Album)

I can understand why this woman is such an inspiration to so many people, not only is her music damn good, catchy and a serious bop, but the constant message of loving yourself and being your own person is so important and so refreshing to hear in today's music. This is currently my running album and it gets my butt up and moving every time I'm feeling down or unmotivated. Love it! We need more music like this in the world.

RUMOURS, Fleetwood Mac (Album)

Its finally fall, which means you need a classic album to curl up with. This album will always be one of my favourites when the weather starts getting cooler and you need something beautifully enchanting on in the background. Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham definitely check all of those boxes.



This game is SO CUTE! I really am enjoying the content that Nintendo has been putting out recently. They have honestly been rocking it in terms of approaching their old content with a new stylized look. I am so happy they decided to not do another Toon Link styled game and decided on this toy/diorama-like style that is so rich in colour, detail and character. Very excited to continue playing this throughout October.

D&D CAMPAIGN, Maze of the Blue Medusa

It's been hard getting our group together over the summer but so far hijinks have ensued within the maze and none of us have died yet (thank the gods) but there have been some very close calls. I'm currently playing a Kenku/Cleric (of the Tempest Domain) named Nissa. She's an tall awkward vulture Kenku that can't sing or fly but really wants to learn. I love this group, we have been playing for almost 3 years now I think. So fun how D&D can keep you connected with such an amazing bunch of pals <3

That's it for now! I want to add other little things to these monthly posts as I write more of them, maybe a little section about what's been inspiring me or thrifty finds etc...

If you have any suggestions of what to watch/listen/read/play, or even other things that I should talk about next month, please let me know! I'm always down for more recommendations to share!

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Stay tuned for more exciting blog posts, I'll be adding new things as soon as I can! But for now here is a stock photo of good happy boy. Which is the content everyone deserves.